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We develop content marketing strategies for your business based on the needs raised by the client. In relation to content marketing, we work both in terms of development of web content, as well as content for your blog.

In our team we have digital marketing professionals and a journalist in charge of preparing content of all kinds. In case the content is very specific, prior collaboration with the client will be requested in terms of contextualization of the company, scope of work…

How do we work in terms of Content Marketing?

Content strategy

Definition of the content strategy to follow: themes, type of content: image, post, pages… Elaboration of a content calendar in which the topics will appear, the media where they will be published if it´s only blog, web or social… as well as the days of publication. This calendar will be previously sent to the client to validate the work before it´s completion. Thus, we make sure that we are on the right track.

Elaboration of contents

Depending on the type of content, as well as the channel where it´s composition of the same will be promoted, it will be different in terms of language, extension (from 200 to 500), format… But all our content will be prepared with the goal of improving SEO positioning of your business, hence they have the inclusion of keywords for which we want to position, title, url, meta description and SEO title fully optimised…


Our content marketing strategy includes the entire process from scratch. Elaboration of a content plan, elaboration of the same, publication on the page, blog or social media that the client demands. In addition, we offer flexibility in our content packages, being able to increase or limit the number monthly, so that you can try to see the results yourself.

Services related to Content Marketing

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