Email Marketing Campaigns


    • Preparation of an email marketing campaign.
    • At least with a link to the website.
    • Integration of social networks in the newsletter.
    • Validation by the customer before shipment.
    • Creation of contact list for sending.
    • Monitoring and follow-up.
    • Final report creation.

The price may vary if extra work is necessary for the mail system, problems with domains…


Surely you have heard many times about email marketing as a strategy to increase the sales of your business. But… to what extent are the emails you send to your customers effective? When we talk about effective we ask ourselves if they are really open or not… It is true that sending a newsletter is classified as one of the most effective strategies when it comes to digital marketing, but we must bear in mind that not everything is based in the continuous sending of emails to your customers, to the point of becoming spam. When preparing an email, many factors come into play: careful and useful content, quality images, calls to action. It is therefore that to create a newsletter you need the skills of a journalist, graphic designer, layout designer… It is not only worth having a wonderful idea but also knowing how to tell it and above all, making you fall in love. Another aspect to take into account within your mailing strategy is the shipping frequency. We must not become spammers, but if we know how many emails to send to hook the client, at what time… At eHidra we use easy tools development and management of mailing campaigns. As well as monitoring, since it is necessary to measure the impact of our campaign to evaluate the level of conversion. All this focused on sending successful newsletters.


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