Content for your Blog: 4 monthly posts


  • Monthly publication calendar for validation.
  • Elaboration of 4 monthly articles.
  • Optimized from an SEO point of view (keywords, links…).
  • 1 weekly article (picture included).
  • Post to your blog.


When it comes to making way for your business in the digital world, the writing of good, useful, original content, optimized from an SEO point of view, unique… acquires great relevance. However, developing this type of content requires time and dedication, if what you lack is just that, time, let us take care of the content of your blog. At eHidra, we also have not only professionals from the marketing and new technologies sector but also journalists specialised in this matter, who will be in charge of thoroughly studying your business, the competition, to know the field in which your company operates (products, services it offers…) and to be able to elaborate quality content. Our articles are optimised from the point of view of SEO, in terms of keywords chosen, links to external pages, optimization of images… In addition, each content written will go with its corresponding image, which, if necessary, will be prepared by our team. In addition, we take care of the process from start to finish, give us access to your blog and we will publish your article, it will be ready to share it with all your followers. If you want to buy this product you can do it directly, as soon as we have proof of your purchase we will prepare a small meeting to start working. If you have any questions, you prefer to talk to us before hiring our services, do not hesitate to contact us.


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