SEO Positioning


  • Study of your company and competition to choose the keywords that best suit your organization.
  • Optimization of the technical aspects of the web (code) texts, labels…
  • Content review for optimizatio
  • Elaboration of 5 monthly posts.
  • Improvements in indexing and internal links: linkbuilding (external pages pointing to your website).
  • Study / Monthly Balance Keywords.
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Do you want to appear first in Google search results? The best way to find you quickly is to appear in the first positions, it is proven that users do not look beyond the second page of the search engine, so you have to fight to position yourself in front of your competitors. What do we recommend for it? Invest time and money in carrying out SEO positioning strategies. SEO positioning is a strategy dedicated to improving the visibility of a web page in the organic results of search engines. This process follows several steps: first it is interesting to do a study of the keywords for which you want to position yourself taking into account their difficulty, competitors… It is also necessary to optimise the web from the technical SEO point of view, that is, the one related to title, meta description, keywords, images… creation of a quality content not duplicated, original, containing the main keywords… The conjunction of all these elements makes the SEO of your website improve. Once the results are obtained, the corrections can be very varied: adaptation of titles, keywords, improvement of internal links, increases of external pages that point to the web thanks to its own tool… All of this will make your website rise little by little in Google, differentiating itself from your competitors. Although, despite the fact that this technique is characterised by obtaining results in the medium-long term, it is true that it provides greater benefits when it is maintained longer over time. The difference then between paid and organic positioning is that paid positioning is punctual while the organic remains, with which it is the most recommended, but if it is true that you also have to work to maintain it. Our Marketing professionals are up to date with all the SEO news as well as the changes of the Google algorithm to make an SEO positioning strategy as effective as possible.


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