Social Networks + Analytics and Monitoring


  • Creation of monthly publication schedule for Social Media.
  • Daily content scheduling.
  • Creation of weekly monitoring balance.
  • Implementation of follow-up and monitoring tools (WebMaster Tools, Google Anlytics, MOZ…).
  • Preparation of monitoring reports.


This package offers you the opportunity to project a current and renewed image of your company through its dissemination on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, among others. Choosing this pack will also allow you to know the status of your website and the interests of its users thanks to the application of our advanced Analytics and Monitoring techniques. If you do not have time or do not know what content is attractive for your users, and publishing on social networks far from fun is a complicated task, we will take care of it. Our professionals in Social Media and Marketing also know various techniques and tools to better capture the interests of your community in networks, in such a way, they will studies of themes, trends to promote the best content for your users, study of content formats… In addition, so that you do not miss anything that happens in the networks of your business, with this package you will have under your hand the control of the digital reputation of your brand as our team will present you periodic reports details on the number of followers, topics, most successful publications… In addition, this pack not only offers you the possibility of forgetting about the management of your brand in the networks but also due to the use of tools our professionals have a rigorous control of the operation of the publications in networks, with which they can always choose a change of strategy or save an online reputation crisis if there is one, always informing our clients of everything. With what, you do not need to be an expert in the matter because our professionals will advise you at all times. Can you let us accompany your business to stardom in the networks?


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