At eHidra we are specialists in developing Mobile Applications for Android and IOS.

We develop Apps from 0. Tell us your idea, we outline a summary of the main functionalities, and from the prototype we develop your App. We work in a test environment, which guarantees us that once your App appears in the Android and IOS stores, the App works correctly. The technology used for developing Apps is the Ionic framework.

Advantages of Ionic


Create applications with a much lower weight than those created in other frameworks


In terms of design, it offers great versatility (icons, symbols, resources…), allowing you to change the appearance of the App without touching the different functionalities and developing an App with a new and attractive design


It has a wide repository of components such as buttons, lists, menus, forms… which are easy to use in any mobile application


At the development level, it makes working time more profitable and shortens delivery times


It is a cross-platform framework, since it can be optimized for various operating systems, such as Android and IOS


It is really useful for cases where you want to convert a simple website into an App

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