At eHidra we specialise in the development of mobile applications for Android and IOS.

We develop mobile Apps from scratch. Tell us your idea and we will outline a summary of the main features and will develop your App from the prototype.

How do we work in terms of mobile App development?

We work in a test environment, which guarantees that once your App appears in both the Android and Apple stores, it will work correctly.

Regarding the technology used for the development of our Apps, we work with Ionic, a framework that allows us to:

  • Create applications with a much smaller size than those created in others frameworks.
  • In terms of design, it offers great versatility (icons, symbols, resources …) allowing you to change the appearance of the app without affecting the different features and to develop an app with an innovative and attractive design.
  • It has a wide repository of components such as buttons, lists, menus, forms… that are easy to use on any mobile application.
  • As for the actual development of the app, it makes working time more profitable and shortens turnaround times.
  • It is a multiplatform framework, as it can be optimised for various operating systems, including Android and IOS.
  • It is particularly useful when converting a simple website into an App.

Services related to Mobile App Development

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