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With several years of experience in search engine optimisation, especially with Google, eHidra uses the necessary tools to improve the positioning of your website, such as Google Analytics , Google Webmaster tools, SEMrush, MOZ… SEO positioning is essential, since it is the basis by which your customers will find your company and not another, when conducting a Google search. Although other areas of marketing may be more effective in the short term, SEO positioning is a strategy that requires dedication, knowledge and time, but once it begins to deliver results, they remain over time, and are not as short-lived as others can be, such as those from a one-off Google AdWords campaign.

What is SEO positioning and what is it used for?

When we speak in terms of SEO positioning, we refer to the positioning or score that a web page obtains in the different search engines. There are two types of SEO positioning, the on page and the off page. At eHidra we work with both on page SEO and off page SEO, that is, from the deeper technical SEO of the web page (placement of tags, titles, meta descriptions, image optimisation…), to the optimisation of the page content, as well as the creation of a content strategy for the website’s blog…

Furthermore, at eHidra we are specialists in conducting SEO audits of your website, with which we will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your positioning, to plan effective strategies that correct the weakest points. We also have a team of professionals including journalists specialised in marketing with experience in SEO positioning.

SEO Positioning analysis tools

Our team of professionals use the best analysis tools to carry out the auditing and monitoring of your website’s SEO positioning.

  • Google Analytics: Google tool that allows you to carry out the complete monitoring of your website in relation to visitors, number of visits, channels where visits come from, most visited pages, devices from which the traffic comes from… When it comes to SEO, in order to know what pages have the highest % of visits, it is particularly important to take into account if there is a drop in traffic and where the visitors to your website come from, to direct the type of content developed in your content strategy… In addition, at eHidra we have the Google Analytics Individual Certification.
  • Google Search Console: also known as Google Webmaster Tool, is another of the most useful analysis tools for improving the SEO positioning of your website. It offers you relevant data such as the number of clicks, impressions, position of your website, keywords by which users have accessed your website, most visited pages… Also, because it allows you to compare these KPI year after year, you will be able to have a more global vision of your company, detecting periods of rise in traffic, as well as drops… Google Search Console is not only useful for the marketing department but also for the development team, since this tool offers interesting data at a technical level such as pages with errors and the type of errors they are (label noindex , error 404…).
  • MOZ: Allows you to do a complete SEO audit of your website, in terms of keyword positioning, errors to correct, Domain Authority, comparison with the main competitors of your business, internal and external links…
  • SEMrush: it shares common tools with MOZ, such as analysis of backlinks, comparison with competitors and keyword analysis. However, SEMrush also shows data for payment keywords, useful for developing your bid strategy in a Google AdWords campaign… Technical analysis of the site, integration of social media…
  • In addition, there are many other tools that we use to carry out SEO consulting, like MetricSpot, Google AdWords keyword planner, Majestic…

Some of our SEO Positioning packages

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