Creation of corporate social media for your company, advertising management…

Development of a monthly publication calendar, subject to approval from the client, advertising management on social media, carrying out raffles from their creation all the way to getting in contact with the winner, formulation of strategies to increase followers and user engagement of publications…

If you are looking for a company specialised in social media management, at eHidra we can offer you social media management services that provide everything your company needs to improve in this area.

What benefits can Social Media management provide?

Social media sites are currently the showcase for a company, every day people resort to them to find information about a new company, humanising the sites with funny publications or photos of the team, increases the level of trust that the client places in the company, and with this, the possibility of contracting its services increases… It is vitally important to have a qualified team with experience in managing social media. Why?

Fast and efficient customer service

It is very important to answer users’ questions on Social Media

Reputation crisis management

Which can cause a loss in brand awareness.

Communication policy on social networks

Based on the tastes and interests of our community, our product/service…

Monitoring and analytics

Determining the more successful publications, those that get more of a response…

Efficient advertising management

Regarding the type of ads, audience segmentation, budget optimisation…

Personalised Communication

Depending on the type of social media site, the audience we are targeting…

Services related to Social Media Management

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