At eHidra we specialise in the development and design of online stores

We have the experience in the online store development sector, for shops with a large volume of products, to ensure that your store has the necessary requirements to, not only be attractive to consumers, but also to have optimised load time and speed needed for your online store to be successful. We develop online stores from scratch, specialising in their creation with WooCommerce, we produce unique and customised ecommerce experiences.

Online Store Key Features

The main characteristics of online stores created by eHidra are:


Online stores adapted to all types of devices, computers, tablets, mobile…

Structure and Organisation

Well-structured product category menu, useful for the user

Custom online

Personalisation of your online store, products, payment gateway…

Made with Woocommerce

Plugins fully optimised for online stores

Different Forms of Payment

Paypal, credit card, bank transfer…

Compliance with the Law

With the online buying and selling policies


Optimised product images so as not to negatively influence speed


Complete description of the products, to improve SEO


So that the client has autonomy when making changes

Advantages of WordPress online stores (Woocommerce)

If you are thinking of creating a new online store for your business and you have come this far, you have probably seen that we have talked a lot about WordPress online stores made with WooCommerce (WordPress plugin for creating online stores). You may wonder why we choose WooCommerce and not Prestashop for the development of online stores. We will tell you why:

  1. It allows the creation of online stores with a large volume of products.
  2. Being a WordPress plugin you also have all the advantages of WordPress associated with your online store such as plugins for SEO, to optimise the size and loading of your product images…
  3. Prestashop has many modules that add features but they are paid, whereas WooCommerce offers a greater variety of totally free services.
  4. Easier self-management.
  5. It allows any form of payment.
  6. Constantly updated, with added improvements.

Online stores created by us

Throughout our professional career we have produced online stores in various different fields and sectors. The website for the Estepa Dulces La Ponderosa company for Spanish sweets, particularly stands out, as well as that of Papeleo, a creative stationery shop in Seville, both created in WordPress, using the online store management plugin, WooCommerce, which presents advantages such as: its optimisation from the point of view of SEO Positioning and ease when creating new products, eliminating old ones, organising category menus, working stocks…

Services related to Online Store Design

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