For the creation of virtual platforms we use Moodle, a software specialized in online education management that helps create high-quality online courses and virtual learning environments. Later it integrates with WordPress and WooCommerce to facilitate the management of the virtual campus. In addition, students are enrolled at the same time they make the payment.

Features of Moodle


Modern and Intuitive Design

Designed to be responsive and accessible, Moodle’s interface is easy to navigate, both on desktop and mobile devices


Easy Integration with WordPress

Use WordPress to enhance your E-learning Marketing strategy, since its content management tools are much more complete


Secure Identification and Enrollment

It has more than 50 identification and registration options, to add and register users, safely, to your site and Moodle courses


Mass Creation and Management of Courses

Add courses in batches and easily update or delete courses. In addition, you will be able to update the methods for enrolling in the course or import the content of another course


Collaborative Activities and Tools

Work and learn together in forums, wikis, glossaries, assignment submissions, tests/quizzes, chats, lessons, SCORM, and more


Expandable Features

The possibilities of Moodle are limitless, its multiple functionalities can be extended thanks to the installation of plugins and add-ons

Virtual Campus Projects

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