Are you looking for web analytics services?

At eHidra we are specialists in web analytics and monitoring, of both visits to your website, special actions on it, such as downloading a PDF or filling out a contact form, special actions on social media…

If it´s important to carry out planned actions within a good marketing strategy, it´s even more important to measure the results, to see the profitability of them. That is why at eHidra we offer web analytics services, based on the use of the main web analysis tools, such as: SEMrush, Google Analytics, Google WebMaster tools… In addition, our professionals have Google certifications in these matters.

Advantages of hiring web analytics services for your company

  1. Know how many visits gets your website, which are the most visited pages…
  2. Identify the channels through which the highest % of traffic comes.
  3. Act quickly in the event of a sudden drop in visits to identify the problem.
  4. Know the % of click to our website , total impressions compared to the previous year.
  5. How many people have opened, clicked on an email sent within your email marketing campaign.
  6. Know the number of Facebook followers in recent days, the most successful posts…
  7. Identify which social media is the most relevant among our users.

All these and many more are the advantages of using web analytics. Having your own analyst profile in the company is complicated, that´s why at eHidra we offer you the possibility of having this figure part-time, full-time…

How do we work in terms of web analytics?

What results are you interested in measuring?

Tell us if you want to know the data of your strategy in social media, actions on your website, SEO positioning of your company…

Let’s do

Once we have defined what we want to measure, we will start preparing an analysis plan, configuring all the tools we need to carry it out… and Let’s measure!

Final report

We will send a final report to the client with the compilation of all the data, the conclusions get from them, as well as a design of actions to be carried out.

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